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There is an ROI in Intern Program Technology

An intern program app will save your coordinators 30% in time spent communicating and reduce overall recruiting costs for top talent. All from a secured environment that encourages memorable experiences.


Majority of the campus recruiter’s time and energy goes into coordinating interns. Having a community app will save coordinators 30% more time in communication which allows them to spend more time doing the work that is important to them.


Thousands of dollars are being spent on events for interns to connect but there is always a percentage of them that are unaware or miss the invite. By providing an event calendar with easy RSVP we see intern involvement increase by 20%.


Recruiting top talent is expensive. By supplementing a great internship program with technology interns are more likely to refer your internship to their friends. With technology, keep and manage Intern Alum communities to create brand ambassador programs when they return to school.

Problems Solved
Enhance your brand on campus
Reduce risk

A fully branded resource guide and collaboration portal for top-tier internship programs

Jumpstart meaningful mentorships

Enable mentors and interns to connect before the internship starts!

Utilize the directory and profile pages to seek out commonalities.

Increase the ability to connect the right mentor with the right intern.

Active Calendar

Upload your program’s itinerary for easy access.

Keep your interns well-informed with company events: networking socials, teambuilding excursions, project deadlines, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Connect them to their neighborhoods with cool events happening nearby: festivals, happy hours, obstacle races, farmers markets …

Make Connections

Communicate easily between individuals or groups with direct messaging.

Give your interns a controlled platform where they can chat with one another, discover ‘like’ interests, and even find potential roommates.

Strengthen relationships and build a lasting community.

Keep Connected to the Intern Class

Keep in contact with your interns once the internship is over.

Set up and manage a brand ambassador program all from your app.

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