Our Values

We like making friends and creating lasting relationships, we love it actually :) We believe that a strong connected community is one of the core sources of a better life. PocketKnock was created with community as a the focus. We know all too well that neighbors are more like strangers and communicating with management of your community and vice versa can be very difficult. We believe that with our technology we can create a better online community experience to then create an even better offline expereince.


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Package Receipt

Easily send and receive alerts when packages arrive.

Community Calendar

Stay up to date with building and neighborhood events.

Deals Center (Coming Soon)

Access great deals available to your community while earning revenue.

Direct Message (Coming Soon)

Simplify communication using a beautiful messaging interface.

Maintenance Requests

Send maintenance requests with pictures when issues arise.

Guest Notification

Receive a notification when a visitor arrives and keep a log of all visitors.


Buy, sell, and share items.


Reserve spaces with ease and integrates reservations with calendars.

Fully Branded App (Contact Us)

Customize the app according to your community.


Create your app.

  • Pick community type
  • Customize features
  • Invite Members
  • Have fun!

Build community. Grow revenue.



Keep tenants in your building and money in your pocket.

Connected tenants are happier and easier to manage. Tenants that feel a sense of community in their building stay, on average, 3- 5 months longer.



If you have happy tenants, you won’t have to spend time and money trying to find new ones.

Finding new tenants is costly and time-consuming. Not to mention all the costs associated with painting and refurbishing.



Encourage tenants to notify you of a problem before it becomes an expensive problem.

Quickly and easily communicate with your maintenance team to handle issues immediately when they arise, which saves you time and stress.

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Learn more about how our community deals can benefit you.

Learn more about how our community deals can benefit you.

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