Package Receipt

This is an admin tool. This means if you are seeing this you are an administrator of this community.

The package receipt allows you to send a premade message to the person that you have a package for.

You choose the person that you send this message to in the next step.


This is a common post. When you choose this post everyone in the community can see it on the community feed.

Use this post to ask a question or post something interesting.


This choice lets you list an item of all sorts.You can sell,share,giveaway or list privately.

The listed item will be shown on Community News feed and the Community Marketplace(unless listed privately).

List Privately

Choosing this option will list your item privately.This means only you can see your item.

This option is usually used for inventory.With this option you can also export your inventory to an excel sheet.

List Publicly

Choosing this option will show your item to everyone on the spare to share system.

This means somebody from outside your community will be able to request your item and contact you.


Choose your community

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